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Why Brighter Spaces

Every physical space has a unique energetic signature. Sometimes a space can feel warm and inviting, while others may hold a different energetic imprint.

Many factors can influence this, from geopathic stress, historic events, stuck stagnant energies to ley lines, buildings works and electromagnetic fields. Every one of these can compromise the energetic ‘health’ of a space.

Often people will remark when house hunting that their chosen home “just felt right”. Conversely, everyone has walked into a space and couldn’t wait to leave, or moved into a new home and everything “started to go wrong”. The effects of negative energies in a space can permeate all areas of our lives, but especially our health, sleep and even relationships. We really are a product of our environment.

Clearing and harmonising a space and fully resolving any related issues is not only possible, it’s transformative on many levels…

That’s where we come in.

With over 12 years of expertise and training, we offer tailored solutions to effectively clear and transform the energy in homes, buildings, historic properties, office spaces or studios of every size and structure.

Welcome to Brighter Spaces

As part of the International House Healing Network, we have a wonderful and talented team of collaborators in the fields of Feng Shui, Dowsing, Geomancy and many more.

Depending on the issue at hand, some spaces require a more multi-layered solution than others. But the end goal is always the same: to create a harmonious environment that nurtures you, your family, your work staff, clients or even hotel guests. Often, clients will remark that they tried all kinds of shifts in their diet or lifestyle, but it was their own space that was causing problems. By upgrading the quality and flow of energy in your home, the physical body also benefits – often dramatically.

Once a space has been cleared, the changes can often be felt and measured qualitatively. Imagine going from poor quality sleep to restorative slumber night after night, or your staff going from lethargic and unproductive at work to performing at their best?

Perhaps the easiest way to think about this process is like an instant energy upgrade for your space and everyone connected to it. Read our testimonials to hear how clients benefit firsthand.

Welcome to Brighter Spaces

Why people are choosing to work with us

Our clients and their spaces are varied, as are the applications we use to clean, purify and support optimal energy flow in each location. Here's some common reasons why people reach out to us:

Welcome to Brighter Spaces
  • Geopathic stress
  • Sick building syndrome
  • EMF & technopathic stress
  • Insomnia / headaches / anxiety
  • Poor health & lethergy
  • Stagnant & stuck energies
  • Property sale and rental issues
  • High, unexplained levels of staff sickness
  • Improve business performance
  • Improve hotel ambiance and occupancy
  • Holiday / Airbnb rentals
  • Historical events & trauma
  • Ley & energy lines
  • Restless children, crying babies
  • Earthbound spirits & entities
  • Harmonising buidling and property developments
  • Special days / Events / Weddings
Welcome to Brighter Spaces
“We are energetic beings. But for many of us, it has become normal to brush aside the sense that something doesn’t feel quite right in our living or work space. But by trusting our awarness, cleansing and harmonising our spaces, deep, profound and benefical shifts take place.”

David Bushell
(Founder) Brighter Spaces


Some spaces require deeper levels of purification and harmonising than others, which is why we keep every consultation strictly bespoke and tailored to what you need.

Discover our full range of services and feel free to get in touch with your questions. We’d love to hear from you.

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Bring added wellbeing and a little bit of magic into your life and spaces with our carefully curated range of energy-purifying products and technologies.

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EMF Optimiser

The ViP® Powerspot is designed to offset the effects of exposure to damaging electromagnetic fields (EMF) from smart electronic equipment. Powerful resonant harmonics programmed into the Powerspot effectively retune man made EMFs, making them more compatible with the human energy field. Using naturally coherent frequencies, the Powerspot optimises EMF radiation and electro smog from everyday household technologies.

Brighter Spaces Shop

Activated Karelian

Shungite Room Pyramid

Tune up your space with a unique combination of healing resonances designed to clear and optimise your living and working environments. Made from sustainably sourced shungite, this hard working pyramid has a range of up to six metres, as well a a focus on space and room harmonisation A wonderful energetic support for your travels, sleep overs or long car journeys, this pyramid has the added benefit of space balancing qualities to help mitigate EMF disturbance.

Brighter Spaces Shop

ViP® Triple Activated

Shungite Pendant

The naturally rebalancing frequencies of this sustainably sourced shungite pendant reinforce your own flow of Chi, while strengthening the body's capacity for renewed vitality and wellbeing. We recommend you wear daily to optimise your own energy field in challenging or EMF dominant spaces.


Cleaning and purifying homes has a huge impact on our clients’ lives. From historic properties to modern office buildings, read our many success stories of property owners and professionals we’ve worked with across the UK – and beyond.

Financial Services

East London

Key Areas, Focus

New office space, high staff absense/sickness


From the day we relocated to a new multi-million pound office renovation, team members started feeling sick. After two weeks, we were down to 30% occupancy of our new space and many staff were refusing to come back into the new office. Initially we had experts in to check the air quality and purify it. This took a month in total and yielded no tangible improvements. We later discovered that the two previous companies that occupied the building, and had experienced similar issues with sickness. With a little skepticism and a willingness to try almost anything, we reached out to David and his Brighter Spaces team. A few weeks after our 3rd consultation things began to change. Staff said they felt sharper, less tired and more at ease to be in the office. Slowly, more of our team returned to the office, and there were no further increases in sick days. The whole process opened our eyes, and allowed us to utilise the space as we’d intended.

Facilities Department Aviva, London

Family Home

Toronto, Canada

Key Areas, Focus

 Identification and transformation of untoward energy in a family home, and the people therein, in order to bring about healing.


I live in Toronto, Canada, and was introduced to David of Brighter Spaces by a mutual friend in England. My then 16 year old granddaughter, and subsequently her whole family, were going through a traumatic time as a result of her profound mental health issues. David is very knowledgeable, dedicated, patient and kind and he talked at length with me. He then guided me to produce a map of my granddaughter’s family home which I emailed to him. Upon receipt of the map, he did an in depth energetic diagnosis of the property and performed the necessary energy work to cleanse and heal the area, and he did the same with each member of the family, including myself. As can be the case with energy work, results were not immediate, but started to become apparent over the proceeding weeks and months. Over a year later, the results are presently noticeable and active. My now 17 year old granddaughter, and her family, are handling their challenges increasingly better. My grand- daughter has done very well scholastically and received acceptances into all 6 university programs she applied for. She is starting university in September. Kudos to David, to her and to her family. I hugely recommend Brighter Spaces and, specifically, David: as a person, as a professional, and for his amazing ability as an energy worker and healer. It is a real comfort to me to know that he is “there” for me if I need him. Thank you, David - bless.

Joy Woman, mother and grandmother

Country Estate

Goudhurst, Kent

Key Areas, Focus

Heavy and unhealthy energy, sale of property


We had been trying to sell our home and estate in a quiet market and had received little interest. David came to Twyssenden, and really helped change the energy dynamic of the whole estate,  both of the properties, as well as the land.    Twyssenden being a very old 13th centrury historical landmark, (which David identified as being built on three intersecting lay-lines) came with really dense energy signatures.    David effectively lifted the heavy energy "soup" allowing the place to flow with greater harmony.  The change was instantly noticeable. For example, the door to the atmospheric attic rooms which we usually kept shut, was enjoyable to have open.    Within two weeks of David coming in and doing an Energy harmonisatioin, the we received a bid and the completed soon after.

Liam Robertson CEO Investment Fund

Yoga Studio

East Croydon, London

Key Areas, Focus

New space, Transform energetic and financial flow


We've opened several yogahaven locations in the Capital and beyond since 2003. In february 2020, Krystal and I were excited to sign a lease at our latest yoga studio, an amazing space at the exit of East Croydon Station. It's the first location we've opened where things haven't "felt quite" right, the pandemic didn’t help either, but 2.5yrs on, despite having an incredible team, budding and vibrant community, it's very tough financially. As yogi's, at the heart of what we teach, is that there is more to life than physical form, we are made up of energy. With this perspective we decided to look at optimising the space on an energetic level. We did some research and decided to do some energy clearing, EMF harmonisation ..... Results so far: Within 2 weeks of working with Brighter Spaces and setting fresh intentions, we've signed up 15 new members, the space feels light, a greater sense of well-being and a perfect space to share the magic of yoga. We’re now excited to see how the following months unfold.

Allie Hill Founder Yogahaven

Former Vicarage

Forres, Scotland

Key Areas, Focus

Health & Emotional Issues


We were so glad we had gone ahead with David clearing our home. There had been some emotional and health issues as well. It was noticeable how those shifted, quite quickly the following week. We only wish we had done it sooner, but everything is a learning, and in this case all ended very well and I was so grateful for this opportunity of getting it done. Even if you may think (as we initially did) that maybe this clearing might not be needed or make much difference – what a difference it DID make in the overall sense and wellbeing of living here.


3 Story Family Home


Key Areas, Focus

Lethargic, listless, stressed, uncomfortable atmosphere


When I arrived in my house ten years ago I sensed that the downstairs area had some energy issues. Looking at local area survey maps, I saw that there was risk of flooding indicated only under our house. The garden has an interesting history and there’s an old walled tank where fresh oysters were kept in Victorian times before being put on the train to London, which was part of a now demolished Convent. I couldn’t decide what to do about the strange energy I felt however. I bought some dousing rods but didn’t know how to remedy the problems. After several years of not feeling comfortable with the atmosphere, I started to feel lethargic, listless, disengaged and unable to leave the house easily. The downstairs was often colder than expected. Then I began feeling, confused, foggy of mind and detached. This disempowerment was making me stressed and tired and unable to relax. I also subsequently found out that there had been relationship break ups in the house every five years and wondered whether this could be affecting me. I began to think it was time to do something about this accumulation of negative energies. so I was delighted to hear about David’s work at Brighter Spaces and what this might achieve. We discussed all the steps involved with cleansing and realigning the energy fields and I opted for a full consultation which involved: Home Energetics Deep Dive, Body balance & reset, EMF Consultation, EMF & Environmental Reset, Garden, Land & Neighbourhood Energetics Deep Dive, Home Harmonisation/Acupuncture, all done in four phases. David talked me through the process and each phase was done at my convenience with total attention and focus. It began with a survey of the house, after which I received a report, then work was carried out over the course of 11 days to clear the entities and visitors, the imprints and the dissonant energies. After this I began to feel lighter and my body was able to relax. I had wanted the house to be clear of all possible disturbance to my energy, so David then recommended that the EMF in the house be assessed. He surveyed the house - finding spots which were stronger in EMF and addressed these to clear and reset the frequencies. As well as dealing with the spaces, David was careful to ask me how I was feeling as the shifts were having some impact on me. He spent time re-balancing and re-harmonising and making sure that my body was in tune, focusing on dispelling any tensions. The whole process very effective, and in the month after the process things started changing. It has subsequently enabled a big shift to happen in my home and I am now able to make new plans and have the energy to see these through. I realise I needed the harmonisation process within myself to help me to heal and re-energise. I am really glad to have asked David - Brighter Spaces to help to shift the negative energies. It was an intriguing experience and now I can feel comfortable at home, which is obviously of huge benefit to me in my life.

Claire Johnson Architect